Do you want to take care of your face by feeding, hydrating and regenerating your skin ? Do you want to test home-made recipes with a natural vegetable oil recognized by its diverse virtues? If it is the case, then it’s now or never to test these three recipes with argan oil to restructure your skin.

Exfoliating care with argan oil

To get itself a quality argan oil, it is necessary before to choose a 100 % pure oil, organic one and extracted under cold conditions.

Afterward, you can proceed to the preparation of home-made facial skincare. First of all, a recipe of exfoliating scrub is proposed to you : it is necessary to mix an egg white with three soup spoons of milk, to add two soup spoons of sugar so a soup spoon of argan oil. Mix the preparation and apply to your face and the neck while realizing massages soft by means of circular movements.

Let put the care for 3 quarters of an hour after the exfoliating action then dry the face and apply your day or night cream.

Mask for face with argan oil

To clear up your skin, mix two soup spoons of lemon juice with the same quantity of natural yoghurt and some honey. Mix, please, the preparation and add five drops of argan oil. Apply the preparation to your face and let act during 15 minutes. Wash in the cold water and dry your face.

Mask anti-ageing face in the argan oil

To obtain an anti-ageing product of an effective action, test these recipe. It is enough to mix two soup spoons of the fruit of the lawyer with a soup spoon of oat flour and some honey. Pay afterward a soup spoon of argan oil and two drops of essential oil of pink. Once the preparation is mixed well, apply the care to your face and mass about ten of minutes then let it act one half an hour and rinse abundantly with cold water so that the blood circulation stimulates.