Is your wedding coming soon? A moment as beautiful as the union of two people must be celebrated in an original way.

And if you chose a Moroccan wedding in Marrakech? Rest assured, this is simple to organize and will not cost you a fortune.

Celebrating your Moroccan wedding in Marrakech is an undeniably advantageous choice. On the one hand, you will celebrate this event in a more than fascinating setting, on the other hand, you will have chosen a beautiful destination for your honeymoon which is none other than the ocher city of Morocco.

Warm Moroccan atmosphere, cultural richness, fabulous historical monuments and icing on the cake: A very pleasant Mediterranean climate.

A sumptuous Moroccan Riad for a wedding worthy of the Thousand and One Nights

You finally said yes, for better and for worse and you dream to seal your Moroccan themed wedding in a fairy and warm place, original and authentic, worthy of the tales of the Arabian Nights.

Nothing more magical than a Moroccan wedding celebrated in the heart of a sumptuous Riad in an oriental architectural setting, nestled somewhere in the Moroccan ocher city.

Indeed, Morocco will open the doors of its Riads with oriental charm to offer you a discreet luxury associating the finesse of architecture and Moroccan crafts with the comfort and the modernity of the services offered.

Moroccan riads, the charm guaranteed for your wedding

Moroccan riads are attracting more and more people. Restored and transformed into a guest house, they welcome in a world of oriental pleasure, foreigners, and Moroccans in search of peace, dreams and authenticity.

For your Moroccan wedding, spacious terraces decorated with beautiful oriental lights, comfortable Moroccan courtyards, and lounges, intimate corners, are all places that will lend themselves beautifully to a sound, colors and breathtaking smells.

This oriental setting will certainly captivate the heart of each young esthete and passionate bride.

A majestic setting for your Moroccan themed wedding

The Moroccan lounges as well as the table d’hôte will be able to welcome your guests and will suit in particular couples of authenticity.

The smallest corners are sublimated by the masterpieces of Moroccan master craftsmen, symbolizing in the collective imagination of everyone a universe from the Arabian Nights.

Your ceremonial room will be dressed with traditional furniture from Moroccan crafts and thick fabrics, a simple decor enhancing the purity of whitewashed walls.

Also, dimmed lights thanks to Moroccan fixtures and candlesticks scattered everywhere in the spaces, the water fountain lying in the center of the patio, the basin decorated with rose petals, candles arranged adorning paved mosaic and zellige alleys, the pavilions with the imposing doors, denote a magic atmosphere for your marriage in total immersion in the Moroccan culture.

Opt for a breathtaking view of your Moroccan wedding party

And finally to enhance the exaltation of your Moroccan wedding, why not plan a buffet in the open air, on the terrace of the Riad, offering a panoramic view of the medina in lights.