The living room is considered the most important room of an interior. This is where you spend the most time with your friends and family. Therefore, choosing a beautiful light for good lighting is important. This important piece of the home requires that we bring to its lighting a special attention.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right fixture for your living room.

Lamps, sconces, lampshades, suspensions … the choice is vast. During the day, of course, there is no need to light the living room as it is bathed in natural light. On the other hand, as soon as night falls, it is better to vary and mix the types of lighting in order to give rise to a beautiful warm atmosphere. In addition, it is necessary to choose models with a variation in order to be able to modulate the intensity of the light to better adapt it according to its desires.

In any case, before going to a shop that sells lighting fixtures, you have to wonder what atmosphere you want to create in our living room? Do we have corners in our living room that we want them to be more enlightened than others? Where are our electrical outlets?

Generally, in a living room are these key places that can be highlighted:

– At the walls of the living room by opting for sconces to highlight the shelves and tables if available. – Near the sedari or the sofa by installing a lamp post or lampshade on a corner table.

– Spotlights to install at a library.

– On the ground by posing large design lamps to reinvent the decor of your living room.

– Chandeliers, suspensions or ceiling lights to install on the ceiling to provide cozy lighting.

– At the corner of the TV installed in the living room by opting for a spot orientable even a low-power lamp.

Key rule:

Do not overload your living room with lights.

Choose them according to your desires and needs. Your online decoration shop offers a wide selection of lighting from Moroccan crafts.