Handmade, the carpets (cushions) in kilim have always been used for wall decoration as well as decoration of the floor. Today, the carpet in kilim is used to cover a sofa, armchair or pouf.

Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your carpet (cushion) in kilim.

Indeed, the cleaning of a carpet does not pose great problems as long as not to react quickly.

Routine maintenance :

When talking about routine maintenance, always take care to remove dust, animal hair … on the surface of the mat (cushion) every week. For this, consider using a vacuum cleaner that has a suitable brush and moderate power to remove any mold or soft bristles.

So you can use brushing the kilim with a soft brush, as you can maintain your carpet (cushion) in kilim by doing an ancestral method which consists of tapping the carpet outdoors in order to Rid of dust and hair.

Regular cleaning :

As for the regular cleaning of the carpet (cushion) in kilim, it must be renewed every 5 years so as not to lose the brilliance of the colors of the latter.

In this case, cleaning must be carried out:

– dried up;

– manually with a little warm water and natural soap. The rug should be rinsed with water and allowed to dry under the sun’s rays on the outside.

When cleaning the carpet in kilim, care must be taken not to let the carpet soak in water, do not use chemicals and do not machine.

Specific cleaning :

A specific cleaning of the carpet is carried out in kilim if the latter presents a specific task that is difficult to remove. If, for example, you find grease on the surface of your carpet, try as much as possible to absorb the task with a paper towel or a towel.

Subsequently, you can proceed to the treatment of the task by immersing the stained part in a tank filled with lukewarm water. Try to absorb the task with an absorbent surface and finish using a hair dryer.

If the task does not disappear and persists, it is necessary to proceed by applying the same advice of the regular cleaning.

We remind you that the carpets and cushions in kilim available on Artisanat Design are handcrafted pieces that have to be maintained with care.