The major element: the decorative accessory

It is not easy to have a bathroom whose various decorative elements are harmonious. With our decorative accessories selected with master craftsmen, you should be able to bring this oriental style as desired. Indeed, the tradition knows win out clichés.

You can opt for our whole even work on hammered metal to accent your decor: From cup for the toothbrush, the soap dish and lotion dispenser, through the toilet brush, all our products have the same pattern hammered enjoyed.

Regarding the play of light, sconces and suspensions are all stainless metal or treated against corrosion, and marry perfectly to different styles of decoration. Our tealight candle holders and candles from Morocco also act as Oriental or modern decor. By themselves, they can create a pleasantly warm and bright atmosphere if they are well chosen and arranged.

Oriental treatments to take care of yourself

About our cosmetics, bottles also have a plug nickel silver, to go with our items for your home. These organic products based Argan are excellent quality and will satisfy your demands for gentle care of your face, your body or your hair.

The oriental treatments have taken place in our lifestyle as much in the East than in the West. Whether milk or Moroccan oils, black soap, Rasul, shampoo or hair conditioner, … all these beauty-care just waiting to be applied.

A moment of pure relaxation awaits you through design Crafts. Traveling in a beautiful world of Arabian Nights from your bathroom by providing our revisited traditional cosmetics. All our cosmetics are certified to the European Community at a particularly demanding quality certificate.