To offer or to offer, through our article, find gift ideas deco that will enhance any interior style.

From the oriental wall lamp to the wonderful bohemian pouf, to the Berber carpets carefully crafted by Moroccan artisans, you’re sure to please!

An event insight, a gift to offer and zero ideas on the horizon? Browse our article dedicated to deco gift ideas for all tastes and profiles.

Through this article, succumb to our deco proposals and play with reflections and space thanks to our selection of deco gift ideas.

Gift idea deco 1: Scented and decorative candles

Light your creative flame with the candles and tealights offered on this site!

Whether for a festive decor or an ordinary day, decorative candles and tealights will bring an oriental character to your decor.

This deco gift idea will add to the house a beautiful oriental atmosphere to the decoration of the house.

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Gift idea deco 2: Moroccan ashtray

Whether you are a smoker or not, the Moroccan ashtray is an indispensable deco object in a house, because it is very likely that one of your guests uses it!

The Moroccan ashtray is terracotta, metal, in addition to its utilitarian aspect, it will also act as a deco element!

The Moroccan ashtrays offered in this practical online store, with an oriental design, will beautify your home and make a wonderful decorative gift idea to offer.

Gift idea deco 3: Oriental lighting

Oriental style fixtures are a great gift idea for any occasion. Whether it is a gift for Christmas, for a birthday or for a wedding gift.

This deco gift idea is distinguished by its oriental lighting and handcrafted work done by talented Moroccan craftsmen.

Once lit, the oriental lights are characterized by their impressive projection of beautiful arabesque patterns.

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Gift idea deco 4: Oriental curtain tie

Oriental style curtain tie will please those around you.

To add a decorative touch to their living room or bedroom, whether oriental or modern, Moroccan curtain embraces in Sabra and metal will enhance the decor of the room where they will be installed.

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Gift idea deco 5: Moroccan tea set

Looking for an original and exotic gift idea?

Opt for a gift box of Moroccan tea service!

You will find on this site, a selection of artisanal works of art, to intoxicate your mind.

The Moroccan tea set is generally composed of a set of glasses, a Moroccan carved and chiseled teapot and a traditional tray.

Some gift boxes also contain an oriental censer of the same design to spread delicious flavors to satisfy its fifth sense and carry you to the Tales of the Arabian Nights.