Your wedding is one of the most wonderful moments that you will be given to live.

So, why not make it even more special by making some decorative elements yourself?

Indeed, the organization of your wedding is the perfect opportunity to let speak your inventiveness by creating some accessories for the decoration of your wedding.

By opting for a home-made decor, you will ensure a ceremony perfectly original and distinguished.

If wedding decorations tend to look alike, to create your customized wedding decoration will give your wedding party a unique character.

We offer you these home decor ideas for a unique wedding party!

Wooden trivets for a natural wedding decoration

Wood is a natural material, alive and practical to use.

There are a variety of wedding decorating ideas to create with wood.

Indeed, we suggest you use raw wood as trivets.

You can also place your vases on these wooden planks or present the wedding rings on them for a wedding in a rustic or country atmosphere.

Personalized chairs with ribbons for a glamorous wedding

You want to bring your chairs a personal and original touch?

You can embellish your wedding chairs by inserting ribbons, lace or a simple fabric tied in a knot.

You have the choice to opt for different materials and colors according to your wedding theme or simply add your own note of decoration.

Cutlery beautifully presented for your wedding table

When planning your wedding party, every detail counts.

Since cutlery has a main place on the table, it should be highlighted.

You can present them by inserting them in small pockets that you can sew yourself with Chenille fabric.

However, if you do not have a lot of time, you can wrap your cutlery with simple white napkins and add a personal touch, like little colorful flowers and tie them with a burlap.

Confetti balloons for a fancy wedding

The wedding party is an event to share with the people closest to celebrate joy and love.

For a good-natured atmosphere, you can opt for a decoration by using transparent balloons. The idea is to customize them by inserting confetti before inflating them.

This is an original decorative idea to make your balloons even more captivating.

Buttonholes of flowers for the wedding

No need to spend your money on the florist for buttonholes!

For original and natural buttonholes, surprise your guests by making these wedding accessories that reflect your personality.

Let your bridesmaids create pretty wedding boutonnières by simply using flowers and burlap string.

Of course, it is up to you to choose which decor to add so that your buttonholes are in perfect harmony with the theme of your wedding.