Wedding in India is a very important event in the life of the bride and groom.

Indeed, Hindu wedding is a sacred and religious wedding, dictated by ancestral traditions followed for several centuries.

And as with all religious marriages, wedding in India has its own customs that make it a very special event.

We will discover how a Hindu wedding unfolds and the customs and traditions that distinguish it.

Rituals before the Hindu wedding

Before sealing the union of Hindu newlyweds, they and their families must do a good deal of pre-marriage work.

The meeting of the families of the newlyweds

This stage of the Hindu wedding is called the “nichayadartham”, this word can be translated into French by the word “engagement”.

At this meeting, several topics are discussed many decisions are made regarding the dowry or the date of the wedding ceremony.

For this, both families use an indicator that will assess the compatibility of the couple and decide the timing of the marriage according to the guidance given by the stars.

Hindu wedding: The day’s proceedings

The Hindu wedding ceremony called “kalianon” is punctuated not many rites that should be respected at the risk of compromising the longevity of marriage.

The groom arrives on the back of an elephant, horse or aboard a luxury car and waits for the bride to pass a necklace of flowers around her neck.

The priest who will oversee the marriage, perform the rituals or “mandap” in the presence of the spouses and their parents.

A prayer is first dedicated to “Ganesh”, the god of luck and wisdom.

During the wedding ceremony, the hands of the newlyweds are united but they are separated by a red cloth and can not see each other.

On the heads of the bride and groom is placed a paste based on cane sugar and cumin positive virtues before dropping the sheet.

Also, to symbolize the longevity of their marriage, the two grooms’ scarves are knotted.

The husbands send each a handful of rice and make seven rounds of sacred fire to conclude the wedding ceremony.

After the ritual of “Mandap”, festivities specific to the Hindu wedding take place, where guests are invited to eat, drink and dance in honor of the newlyweds.

The dowry of the Indian wedding

The dowry called “Dahej” is an essential element when concluding a marriage in India.

Indeed, the dowry is that the family of the bride pays a certain amount of money to the family of the groom.

The amount of the wedding dowry is set according to several criteria. Depending on the caste to which the groom belongs, his place in the family (eldest, youngest or youngest son and his status in Indian society).