Whether it is city or even in the countryside, the terrace is a real outdoor bubble where it is good to relax and dine with friends.

The terrace is considered an extension of the house or apartment. It can be a part in itself that deserves its own decoration.

Several elements must be taken into consideration to have a pleasant terrace where it is good to live. Here are some tips to inspire you to fit this space.

To enjoy a terrace where it is good to live one must think to isolate oneself from the opposite.

For this, several solutions have you available to avoid the closed view :

– Shade sail : This solution will allow you to hide from the upper floors of your building. Moreover, the sail offers you a corner of shade to take full advantage of your moments of relaxation.

– The canisses and vegetables in breeze seen : These elements will allow you to avoid the prying glances of your neighbors. They are represented in the form of bamboo, heather or any other plant. Thus, they will provide you a small corner of nature while gaining your privacy.

1- Paving the ground to create a terrace

To create a terrace, several possibilities are proposed to coat the floor:

– Artificial turf: to bring a touch of greenery to the floor of your terrace. You will now be able to have a green lawn that will not require any maintenance and so you will be able to walk barefoot in your terrace.

– Wood: Consider choosing wood composite or solid wood to lay on the floor of the terrace.

– The outdoor rug: which is often waterproof embellishes a terrace perfectly and makes it warm. Often in polypropylene, the outdoor rug resists not only the sun but also the rain. It will undoubtedly make a fine effect.

– Stone and tile: are an element to cover the floor of its terrace. Indeed, tiles and stone slabs are increasingly invading the balconies and terraces. They were able to find their place in the exteriors.

2- Think about decorative elements for your terrace

To create a terrace, you also have to bet on decorative objects that will give character to your outside like a mirror in the terrace, a fireplace to enjoy the terrace even if it is cold outside, vegetation to add a touch of greenery In the back-yard and a vegetable garden.

You should not forget the garden furniture by choosing for example a table, armchairs, a deckchair, a swing …

3- Do not neglect the decoration of the walls

To have a good time in you back-yard, you have to make the wall more aesthetic either by painting it with your favorite color to create a beautiful atmosphere in your terrace either by dressing it in textile for a bohemian atmosphere or even opting for a wall plant .

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