Before thinking about changing the colors of his living room, a few rules and basic advice are to be repected. In order to successfully choose the colors of the show, we offer you some tips and tricks.

First of all, one has to take into account its environment. If, one day, you decide to revamp your living room you must therefore observe all the details of the room. Care must be taken to measure the size of the salon, given its importance when repainting. If the piece is large enough, you can use different shades. On the other hand, if the space is small, it is necessary to prioritize and opt for a single color in order not to load the living room.

Second, care must be taken to ensure brightness. Each living room has its own brightness. The latter is an important factor in choosing the color of the part.

If the living room is, for example, oriented towards the north, it is necessary to avoid the white color with the risk that it changes in gray. In this case, you should opt for pastel.

Conversely, if the living room is oriented towards the south and therefore having more lighting especially during the day, it is necessary to opt for warm colors that will be subsequently sublimed by the light of the room.

Third, trends must be taken into account. The living room is the most visited room, it is considered the nerve center of the house. To please the whole family, the majority privilege colors quite sober. The new is that the new trend is natural: beige or sand colors are in fashion.

Fourthly, a test should be made on the wall to ensure that the desired color is obtained. Thus, make sure not to exceed 3 different colors in the same room.

Finally, it is necessary to harmonize the colors so that the decoration of the living room is coherent.