Often the space found under the staircase is a wasted space. In order to use it and to optimize its housing, several planning solutions are possible in order to arrange this small space in an intelligent way.

In order to make it a decoration asset, you can transform it into a storage, an office corner or even small bathroom.

Moreover, to decide what exactly you want to make of this space located under the staircase, it would be necessary before knowing well you need a more storage or a room.

Sometimes, even if our house is spacious enough, we always want to have more room to install a closet or a small corner dedicated to a special activity.

Design of the space with a library or a work corner :

To take advantage of this angle of the stairs, it is wise to think of mobilizing it with a library or reading corner or even work.

Indeed, a library will go perfectly in this corner because you will enjoy all the height under the steps. Consider combining monochrome colored cubes to create a convenient, modern design library.

In addition, if you opt for a work or reading corner, consider installing a low cabinet to store your books, magazines … and design a comfortable armchair to create a space of relaxation par excellence.

Underfloor : A dressing room :

This closet will serve as a storage to store your coats and shoes in discretion.

The furniture must therefore extend over the entire height and depth of the steps in order to optimize this small area.

Layout under stairs : Sanitary :

Think of a sanitary space to install under the stairs of your residence. To do this, try to take advantage of each square centimeter to separate the family bathroom from the toilet.

Indeed, these toilets will be discreet and practical.

In this case, you must study the installation of this small space while providing a small aeration.