Moroccan leather poufs have always pleased by their beautiful designs, beautiful colors and beautiful shapes. Moreover, several leather craftsmen offer a wide choice of poufs from Moroccan crafts likely to seduce everyone.

Indeed, all Moroccan leather poufs have a zipper so that the pouf is easily filled unlike the bean bags that used to be stuffed once and for all with natural wool.

With what can you fill a Moroccan leather pouf ?

You just ordered your Moroccan leather pouf to reinvent the current decoration of your interior or just to give an attractive look to your Moroccan decoration?

Generally a Moroccan leather pouf is sold empty, without padding. If you are looking to fill it so that it is useful, you have the choice between a pouf with a soft seat or firm.

Indeed, in Morocco, people used clothes that were not used for anything or even sheets that give a firm seat to the beanbag without sagging with time.

On the other hand, if you want to have a soft-looking pouf for you to stick in, the solutions that exist are the following ones:

– The silicone wadding.

– The polyester foam which is characterized by its elasticity and its soft aspect. While its life is shorter compared to other materials.

– The high resilience foam (cold foam) which has an extreme quality because it helps to evacuate the air bubbles present. This foam is recommended when you want a soft pouf, soft and fluffy.

Kapok is a natural vegetable fiber very light, waterproof and rot-proof.

Synthetic foam flakes to stuff your poufs. Easy to use and hold with time.