Your bedding in down of duck has numerous assets : it keeps the heat and entraineyou every night in the dreamland thanks to the comfort which it gets.

To preserve it longer it is necessary to take care, here is thus some advice to be followed to wash your bedding in down of duck in complete peace :

The cleaning:

To maintain a braid or a down pillow, it is strongly recommended to wash them dry.

To opt for the wash at the house, it is necessary to possess an appropriate machine. For the braid, the more she is big, the more is needed a washing machine of big capacity. Braids should not be absolutely pressed down so that they clean themselves suitably.

On the other hand, pillows are easier to clean view their small size. It does not prevent from watching it over your down pillows of duck are washed one by one.

Besides, before putting your bedding in machine, it is necessary to make sure that the braid and the pillow have no sewings undone or of tear which risks to get bigger in the wash.

Then, think of settling the temperature in 30°C even 40°C by using a soft soap.

The drying :

What is ideal for your bedding in down of duck is to opt for the natural drying, that is in the wind with the heat of the sun to expose him directly. It is necessary to watch to shake everything, according to the drying, to unstick the down.

The use of the tumble-dryer is not strongly recommended because it is necessary to take some precautions. It is necessary to choose a low temperature to protect the down. So, as for the natural drying, it is necessary to shake from time to time your braid or pillow to unstick the down.

Consequently, your bedding in down of duck must be completely dry. No track of humidity or mold has to appear.

The protection :

To protect your bedding in down of duck, avoid washing it too often.Protect it by removing regularly tea coworm of protection and by taking  out your braid and pillow possible yew for tea open air by shaking them to fall of tea volume.

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