Whatever the style of the bathroom, this room remains a space that must be pleasant to live and well organized. The ambience of Moroccan decoration in the bathrooms has become trendy because this style brings softness and warmth.

Indeed, the Moroccan bathroom is characterized by its elegant style which reminds us of the street hammams. Its Moroccan decoration is considered as 100% zen which helps to create a soothing and soft atmosphere.

Generally, the Moroccan decoration is very refined.

To have a bathroom with Moroccan decoration, it is necessary to opt for the mixing of two different materials : wood and tiles. Indeed, the wood finds its place perfectly in a bathroom in style hammam.

As for the colors of the tiles, it is necessary to opt for the tones terracotta, blue and white or even emerging colors like orange and red.

For furniture, what to choose ?

With regard to the furniture of a Moroccan-decorated bathroom, care must be taken to choose furniture that is most often made of exotic wood or mahogany, that are openworked with oriental motifs and thus enhanced with patterns in copper.

To do this, you must first get a piece of wooden furniture that has decorated doors and carefully perforated copper and that will be placed under the sink of the bathroom. In addition, the mirror with mirrored wings will be placed over the sink.

If the bathroom is a little spacious, you should consider putting two similar consoles opposite the bathtub without for the bath to be visible and of the same color.

Lately, one should not neglect the shelves in a bathroom to put some Moroccan towels embroidered by hand.

A white wooden mirror mirrored with mirrored doors, matching the colors of the bathroom furniture will be placed above the washbasin or the washbasin.

What to put on the floor of a Moroccan bathroom ?

Concerning the floor of a bathroom with Moroccan decoration, it is necessary to make sure to match the colors of the floor with the turn of the sink. Several possibilities are available: a plain tile, a linoleum with geometric patterns ..

Which textiles and curtains to choose ?

To successfully decorate a Moroccan bathroom, you should opt for towels and bath sheets of solid color or match the colors of the walls or floor tiles.

For the shower curtain, it would be better if you can opt for a curtain with arabesque patterns to recall the decor of the tiles.

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