Your wedding party is fast approaching and you are looking for an original theme? Play the map of oriental decor. A true invitation to travel that will make that the best day of your life will also be that of your guests!

Inspired by this beautiful country of North Africa, the Moroccan wedding is original, full of colors and flavors.

Our complete guide will give you a party and table decor ideas for a Moroccan wedding theme. Enjoy!

The colors to adopt for an oriental decoration

Favor warm colors such as red, orange or fuchsia. For a harmonious decor always keep a unity of colors throughout your wedding.

Thus, from the design of your announcements to your bouquet of flowers, through candles, towels, tablecloths … stay in your color code. You can even ask your guests to respect a dress code that recalls these tones.

The Berber tent, Moroccan atmosphere guaranteed!

If you can not live your oriental marriage in Morocco, act as if you were there!

Instead of choosing a traditional room, you can rent a Berber tent! More economical, it is also an original way to make vibrate your Moroccan marriage.

The magic of oriental lighting

Put lanterns, suspensions, and candlesticks of Moroccan style all over the place. There are all the colors and sizes.

A tip, for the decoration of your wedding party, chooses a single color that you decline in different sizes. Then, simply arrange them with their candles, on the windowsills, tables and even in the garden.

The Berber cushions, a must for your Moroccan wedding decor!

The cushions are essential for the decoration of a Moroccan wedding. Their colors and patterns contribute to the richness of the decor and the festive atmosphere of your event.

Use cushions of this type as seats if you decide to create a decor with a typical coffee table for Morocco. If not, consider arranging a nice corner with flowers and cushions in part of the party area.

The detail not to forget: the floral decoration

For floral decoration of Moroccan wedding party, several choices are available to you. You can pick up the bright shades through orange, red and pink flowers. Or you can opt for pale, romantic shades like white and beige. You decide!