For the organization of any wedding, whatever its theme, table decoration is essential.

No wonder then, in all countries around the world, the wedding table decor is plentiful. After all, it’s an opportunity to take out the most elegant decorative objects!

This is also the case for the table decoration of a Moroccan themed wedding.

Inspired by the bright and exciting colors of the Orient, the table decoration is rich and brilliant with various accessories.

Indeed, to dress up your wedding tables, you can use bayadere striped fabrics that will blend beautifully into a Moroccan theme.

Add sparkle to your table decor by sewing pearly sequins on your tablecloth.

For a Moroccan wedding theme, you can resort to unusual containers such as a teapot or tajine dish to present your floral compositions.

In this context, the richness of the decor of your wedding tables must rhyme with metal accessories (gold, silver) and ornaments worked carefully handmade.

A Moroccan themed wedding must evoke wealth and abundance. So bet on profusion by loading the decor of your table. You can multiply flowers, lanterns, and vases to fill the centers of tables.

Indispensable for a wedding decor inspired by a thousand and one nights, candles and tealights will help create an intimate atmosphere at your reception. You can have Moroccan lanterns on your tables to give your guests the illusion of being in the East.

You can dress your wedding tables with openwork lanterns arabesque patterns whether metal or pottery. These photophores with illustrative perforations will be dazzling once lit.

For the table decoration of an oriental wedding, opt for brightly colored textiles and Oriental printed table runners. Feel free to accumulate bright colors like red, orange, green, purple and blue.

For the floral decoration of your Moroccan wedding theme table, you have the opportunity to take the bright shades through flowers in orange, red and pink. Or opt for pale, romantic shades like pastel colors.

Do not forget the wedding menu for the scents of couscous, tajine and other oriental dishes that will awaken the taste buds of your guests. With this in mind, a triptych menu card in the form of a palace will blend beautifully into your wedding theme. The guests will only have to open the doors of the palace to discover the menu.

As for the brand-place, you can add an oriental touch to your wedding table by writing the names of your guests in Arabic calligraphy. No doubt your guests will appreciate this little attention that will entertain them and make your wedding party unique and unusual.