Moroccan dishes are an excellent way to decorate a Moroccan table. Specializing in Moroccan porcelain for years, the Tajmouati family offers an excellent blend of modernity and tradition.

No one can deny that traditional pottery is a pride for Moroccan craftsmanship, nevertheless the Moroccan tableware from Fes remains the reference even in porcelain. It represents a great knowledge of Fassi craftsmen who combine craftsmanship with a creativity that has no limit.

Indeed, the pottery of Morocco has always made dream both the Moroccans and the foreigners. It is the most popular handmade area in the country.

The pottery dates back several decades but our Moroccan craftsmen have always tried to modernize it to meet the increasingly demanding demands of Moroccan handicrafts lovers.

Tajmouati, the blue dishes of Fez :

Considered to be one of the porcelain references, Tajmouati tableware was inherited from a tradition handed down from father to son.

Differentiated mainly by the unique patterns and patterns, the creations of Tajmouati are inspired by the Moroccan art of living.

Moroccan dishes from Tajmouati are well known for their color and decoration. The craftsmen use blue and white tiles and thus constitute a mosaic.

The sober and refined style of this dish invites us to dare the colors in our art of the table to revive and put a little cheerfulness.

In addition to the blue, there are other models of golden tableware service to bring a chic and oriental decoration look to its table.

As far as the manufacture of Tajmouati crockery is concerned, craftsmen opt for the technique of chromolithography. This technique (same principle of the stickers) is based on the printing of the desired pattern on a film of transparent color which is subsequently glued on paper.

However, the motif or decoration is peeled off with water so artisans proceed to lay the wet paper on the piece of porcelain that they wish to decorate.

Then, the craftsmen carefully decal the decoration of the dishes using a rubber spatula so as not to leave any air bubble blocked between the piece of porcelain and the transparent film.

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