A move is a source of happiness but also stress. Indeed, we enter a new home with all the excitement that goes with it but there are many elements to manage. It’s never easy to navigate. To get organized, you have to try to prioritize the tasks to be performed. We are already thinking of administrative tasks but also small decorating tips in your new home.

Change of address

You must remember to change the address so that you continue to receive your mail. The administration has set up a site that can prevent many private and public organizations at the same time. These include the tax service, social security funds, pension funds, and so on. This must be done no earlier than 3 months before the move and at the latest after the move.

However, for other companies, it will continue to prevent it one by one. It is possible to set up mail redirection with La Poste for 6 months or a year via a paid service.


During a move, you will have to cancel your old energy contracts and buy new ones. We do not talk about contract transfer because an energy contract is attached to two variables: housing and the associated name. When one of the two variables changes, the contract must be terminated. In fact, during a move, when you arrive in your home, you will have to subscribe to a new contract with an energy supplier, such as EDF or Direct Energie for example. For all information on these steps, click here. You have the choice between about thirty energy suppliers since the opening to the competition of the sector in 2007.

The commissioning of the meter is not carried out by the energy suppliers even if it is they who will offer it to you. It is the network manager who will take care of it, namely Enedis (formerly ErDF) for electricity and GrDF for gas. The tariff is the same on all the national territory but will depend on which commissioning you choose (normal, express …)


For the internet, you must contact your supplier to find out if they offer the same offer or an offer identical to your new address. If so, the transfer will be simple if you want to keep your subscription. Otherwise, you can cancel your contract without paying a cancellation fee.

The decoration

When you arrive, he’s never redecorating his new home. It is necessary to appropriate the new places. You have to sort through your decorative objects and know how to separate from useless things. This will save you space. Depending on your budget, you can buy back some items. You have to try to customize the pieces as you wish. You can surround yourself with an interior decorator. With his expertise and your tastes, he will propose a coherent whole.