You have a room that you find rather dark. You have to turn on the lamp permanently to get some light. It’s an extra expense that’s totally useless. Instead, we give you some tips to brighten your room and optimize the brightness, whether natural or artificial. We also advise you on the brightness according to the decoration you want to get.

Avoid dark colors

The brightness of the room depends on the choice of the color of your walls. It goes without saying that it will be darker if you apply an equally dark color. Instead, prefer a light color, white, cream. You will feel less confined. And a bright room always looks bigger. The trend today is pastel, a light color that is a sumptuous blend with white. Pastel blue, pastel gray, these are the first choices. You can also experiment with pastel red if you have the courage. Do the same when it comes to curtains, always in the light. Install curtains veils if possible to let the light during the day. And as long as you do, use only light linen, bed linen, duvets.

Use mirrors to reflect natural light

This is a well known tip that you can implement at home. The mirror captures and redistributes light throughout the room. The larger the mirror, the more it will send you back the brightness. Install as many mirrors as you can, on the wall, on the cabinet doors. Moreover, it is a good way to enlarge a small room thanks to the reflection and to have a personalized interior decoration. For those who like to be pampered, it’s a stone two shots.

Which lights to install ?

It all depends on what you want to achieve, a strong light or a softer light. For a work piece, the fixture oriented as the suspension would be ideal. You will have no problem reading your cards. The suspension is just as indicated above the dining table. It is ideal for those who opt for an industrial decoration, like a workshop. For a more classic decor, it would rather the chandeliers or wall sconces that give charm and delicacy. And for modern homes, small spots are very trendy. For a sleeping room, the brightness must be more sober. Prefer shades that do not stain the eyes. In a room, it is better to have a dim light.

You now know how to optimize the brightness of your rooms according to the style of decoration you want to print. For luminaires, we recommend LED bulbs, economic and ecological at a time.