The Moroccan craftsmanship is an infinite source of ideas for decorating your Moroccan themed wedding party, Moroccan lighting will make your party room or open space magical.

Indeed, Moroccan lighting in all their categories will enhance the decor of your Moroccan themed wedding party and add a touch of exoticism and warmth.

These wedding decor ideas will make you travel and help you to get inspired by a Moroccan culture rich in creative expression and decorative art to serve your wedding party.

Oriental chandeliers for a magical wedding

To sublimate the party room of your Moroccan wedding, nothing like a beautiful oriental chandelier to decorate your space in an atmosphere worthy of the Arabian Nights.

Indeed, these design luminaries inspired by the East are generally made manually according to the ancestral techniques of Moroccan craftsmanship.

For your Moroccan wedding party, an oriental chandelier will be ideal once placed in the center of your party room.

It will transport you to a mode of magic, conviviality, and warmth for your Moroccan wedding.

The irreplaceable lanterns for your Moroccan wedding

The Moroccan lantern is the essence of the decoration of a Moroccan themed wedding. Impossible to envision an atmosphere a thousand and one nights without!

On their own, Moroccan lanterns provide a subtle and warm lighting that can not be denied.

Chic, design or traditional, the oriental lantern is available in different sizes, allowing it to fit both inside your party room and outside if you opt for a Moroccan wedding outdoors.

Wall lamps for a subdued atmosphere

Wall lamps of various shapes and colors will brighten and brighten the decoration of your Moroccan wedding.

In goatskin, glass or wrought iron, these Moroccan wall sconces will sift the light for a Moroccan wedding with an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Numerous shapes, decorations, and dimensions are proposed for a shimmering lighting with oriental motifs of Moroccan wedding party.

Moroccan candles, the essential decoration!

The oriental tealight will transform the atmosphere of your Moroccan wedding.

Generally carved and openwork, the photophores will bring your exotic wedding decor and refinement to a successful Moroccan themed wedding party!

Whether placed on the tables or on the floor at an alley, the dim lighting of these Moroccan tealights with their candles will give your Moroccan wedding an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Candles with oriental inspirations

When it comes to Moroccan-themed wedding decorations, decorative candles are an essential accessory.

Whether it is a Moroccan wedding or not, any ceremony that respects itself must have, whether as interior decor, as a table decoration or as a guest gift, if for the warm atmosphere they transmit.

If there is an indispensable object for a decoration of a Moroccan wedding party, it is the candle decoration! Fragrant, colorful, sometimes openwork or carved, oriental candles fit perfectly to the Moroccan wedding theme.

The Moroccan marriage seduces more and more couples. And thanks to these decorative wedding ideas for lighting with oriental inspirations, your Moroccan themed wedding party will be magical.