Setting up a lunch room can be a real headache. One wonders where are we going to put the table? What will we choose as styles of chairs? How to properly arrange the room to circulate well in the room? …

Considered as a space of presentation, sharing and conviviality, the lunch room is a cozy piece where we welcome our guests and reunites them around a delicious meal.

Moreover, to receive your guests and guests at home, several ways exist to properly arrange the space of your dining room. Whether small, large, square or long, just follow these tips to create an ideal dining room that suits your home.

Central part of the lunch room, the table :

The table is the major element that gives all the meaning to a dining room. Whether wood, glass, wrought iron or even plexiglass, the dining table must be robust and easy to maintain, while reflecting the atmosphere in the dining room.

If you are looking for and want to opt for a warm decoration, opt for a wooden table. Otherwise for a transparent table if you are fans of design furniture and modern.

Sufficient lighting to sublimate its lunch room :

This meeting point of the house must have good lighting. Just as important as the furniture to put in the dining room, lighting creates atmospheres.

It is therefore necessary to consider correctly illuminate your table by specifying the type of luminaire and its length. In addition, if you want to put several luminaires at once, it is necessary to privilege first of all an odd number because it is the most harmonious. The variable intensity of the bulbs is also a determining factor in varying the ambiences in your dining room.

Beautiful colors for the lunch room :

To enjoy a beautiful decoration in your dining room, make sure that there are no three shades.

If you have a large number of friends or family members, choose soft colors like white, beige or even taupe gray. On the other hand, if you do not receive a lot of people and you consider the dining room as a personal room however choose a bright color on a wall panel.

Afterwards, you will be able to make small reminders with decorative objects that you will dispose of in the room.

Spaces and measures to be taken into account : 

– Count 45 cm around the table to sit.

– 120 cm to easily pull back the chairs.

– 60 cm min width on the table for each person.