The bedroom is considered the most intimate room in the house where you have to create a beautiful relaxing atmosphere. The lighting of the latter must be adapted to the different activities that take place during the day.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best fixtures in your bedroom:

– For daily tasks:

A ceiling light or a suspension is the right fixture to install in a bedroom to perform certain activities such as wearing clothes and cleaning. Although, during the day, daylight allows visibility in the bedroom but this does not prevent to have a general lighting that is located in the center of the room.

According to the tastes, some people will opt for a design style while others will choose a lighting with a more assertive decor.

The most important thing is to link the lighting to a dimmer switch to adjust it to the activity.

A reminder: When choosing a fixture for your bedroom, you must consider the area and the height of the room to not create a blinding light.

– In cabinets or cupboards:

Here we will discuss the functional aspect of lighting in a bedroom. It is important to install lights in our storage areas to avoid using the flashlight every time. The most suitable luminaires for this function are fluorescent or LED flat tubes that light up when the closet doors are opened. These luminaires are installed in the shelves for optimal lighting.

– Around the bed:

To fully enjoy a harmony in a bedroom, it is necessary to opt for a special lighting on the corner-bed. Indeed, the lighting around the bed must meet two requirements: second the general lighting and serve as a source of lighting during the night.

Bedside lamps are the most appropriate not to disturb his partner. They offer a touch of intimacy and revive the decoration of the room during the day. In addition, headboard sconces are also essential at the time of reading. While for people who prefer to stay in traditional habits, shades are enough.

Therefore, just choose the model that will go with the decorating style of your bedroom.

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