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Well laid an exterior kitchen


An exterior kitchen is considered a great way to bring your terrace to life and create a warm and fantastic ambience to delight your guests and your family.

To have an outdoor kitchen, just be a fan of the decoration and have a great love of food.

Indeed, the kitchen is the central place of the house where the whole family gathers. Also, if you live in a region where it is good to live with a favorable climate, think about setting up a kitchen outside.

The outdoor kitchen is considered a practical solution for summer evenings. When it’s hot inside, you can go out to prepare a good dish while watching your children playing in the garden.

There are different ways to integrate a kitchen into your garden or terrace to have a modern and airy space.

Think about the location of the kitchen :

Setting up your outdoor kitchen involves the right choice of location. However, if you have a large sheltered garden, you will have no problem. On the other hand, if it is not the case, you must imperatively plan the construction of a shelter that is solid to preserve your equipment.

So you have to think about the connections in water and electricity to enjoy this room to the maximum even during the evenings.

Also, do not forget to take into account the facilities that already exist. For example, if you already have a swimming pool, consider locating your outdoor kitchen so that nothing disturbs the circulation around the pool. Finally, you must choose the type of floor for the outdoor kitchen. Prefer a nomad model that is flat and regular.

Generally, an outdoor kitchen is placed as an extension.

Do not underestimate the required surface area :

Your future kitchen needs, of course, a surface of 10m2 minium to design and develop a functional dining area.

If your garden or terrace does not allow you to have such a surface, you must think of a nomadic kitchen made up of several modules to combine to serve you just when you need it.

Think of the kitchen equipment :

Like any equipment subject to different weather conditions, it is preferable that the outdoor kitchen is protected during the winter.

Therefore, the ideal solution is to opt for a modular kitchen that you can store during the winter season in the cellar.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fixed kitchen, you should think about covering the fragile equipment such as: the sink, the grill and the worktop.

So, with regard to the roof, we must favor the bioclimatic pergola because it allows to enjoy the sun or shade as best as you want.

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